5 Reasons to Love the Pilates Reformer

Photo by Katie Africano

Everyone knows what a Pilates mat class is. We all see them at the gym, on videos, even outside in the parks during the summer! You’ve got the mat class down, but did you know that Pilates was created with many pieces of equipment including the miraculous machine: The Reformer? If you haven’t experienced Pilates on the Reformer, you have not yet discovered all that Pilates has to offer, and trust me, you should! Here are just 5 of the many reasons you will absolutely love Pilates on the Reformer:

1. You Can Do It!
The number one reason to love Pilates on the Reformer? No matter what your age or fitness level, you can do a Pilates workout on the Reformer! The Reformer’s spring resistance system allows your trainer to adjust the Pilates exercises to meet your abilities and needs. Resistance can be added or taken away in a snap to assist you through an exercise or make it more challenging. The machine may look a little intimidating, but after the first time you get your feet in the straps, the anxiety will pass. You will leave feeling more confident than when you walked in the door because you will have put your legs over your head, stood up on the Reformer, and worked new muscles like a champ!

2. A Truly Full Body Workout
Pilates mat classes are notorious for working the core. Although I absolutely love the Pilates mat workouts, some people find they want more leg and upper body work. The Reformer answers those needs. With a full repertoire of upper and lower body exercises that emphasize core engagement throughout (of course), you will feel every muscles of your body work during each and every Pilates Reformer workout. After only a few sessions, you will experience a more balanced feeling in your body as all of your muscles begin to find their synergy after working together throughout your workouts.

3. Two Words: Eccentric Contraction
The unique spring resistance system forces you to work during all portions of the Reformer exercises, including the release. You will contract your muscles concentrically to perform each movement, and then release with control to engage them eccentrically. This strengthens your muscles in a very functional way that will help you in your day-to-day life, improves the flexibility of your muscles, and helps develop that signature Long + Lean Pilates body.

4. Workout Variety
Have you ever gotten frustrated with a workout that includes 4 moves repeated 50 times to exhaust your muscles? I have! Although that method does build strength, it can be incredibly boring and hard to stick with. Pilates Reformer workouts take you through a whole series of workouts, repeating each movement only 6-12 times. You will often work the same muscle group in multiple exercises, but in a different way each time. There is a beautiful flow to the Pilates Reformer exercises that keep you moving and guessing what will come next. Each Long + Lean Pilates Reformer session is a bit different from the one before it. Whether it’s changing up the order of the exercises, or trying new variations, your Pilates Reformer workout will never feel like the same old thing.

5. It Just Feels Good!
The beauty of the Pilates Reformer workout is in its ability to work all of your muscles without exhausting them. You build strength without reaching fatigue while also creating improved range of motion in your joints and improving your flexibility. Each session will leave you feeling energized, relieve stress, improve your posture, and relieve joint pain. Many people say they feel longer and taller after their Pilates workouts and Pilates is famous for relieving back pain and rehabilitating injuries. Bottom line? You will feel soooo good after your Pilates Reformer sessions!

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