Hayley’s 5 Fav Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Hayley, owner of Long + Lean PilatesWe all know life gets busy and it can be hard to maintain the healthy habits that keep our bodies and minds happy and well.  Here on our blog we’re going to share with you each Long + Lean instructor’s favorite tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even when our worlds are spinning out of control! Today, owner Hayley shares the healthy lifestyle habits that she sticks to no matter what!


Lots of Variety

I need variety in my life. Luckily for me, variety keeps my body healthy, too.  I try to be adventurous in the grocery store, choosing a different fruit or vegetable that I don’t usually buy to add to my diet each trip. I always have apples and bananas on hand, but adding pomegranate seeds one week, persimmons the next, and staying open to new vegetables in salads and stir-frys, ensures that my body gets tons of different nutrients all the time. I also try to switch it up with my workouts.  Pilates is my foundation, but I like to try something different whenever I get a chance. From Yoga and hiking to dance classes and weight training, I give my body lots of different movement options!


Embrace Balance

Balance is my key to happiness and sanity. I find pleasure in green juice, and nachos. In 3 hours of Netflix, and a 3 hour hike. We can’t all be perfect pictures of health, and I personally don’t think we should try.  I believe in living life to the fullest, even if it means skipping a workout every once in a while or putting off paperwork for a day. We all work so hard, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to do the things that make you deliriously happy to balance out all the tough stuff.


Never Skimp on Sleep

Don’t mess with a good night’s rest! I have learned the hard way that I do not function properly with less than 7 hours of sleep, so I refuse to compromise on getting the rest I need.  It’s my non-negotiable, absolute must have for staying healthy and well enough to be my best each day.


Walk Everyday

We are conditioned to live in a sedentary routine that can be super hard to break from, especially in a place with notoriously miserable weather. But humans are meant to walk. Our joint and bone health depend on us walking. Walking allows me to stretch and strengthen my whole body, breathe in fresh air, and let my mind wander without any buzzing distractions (buh-bye television). It’s exercise, injury prevention, and meditation all wrapped up in one very enjoyable experience. Even if I only have time for a brisk walk around the block, I get some walking in each and every day.


Feel Good to Look Good

The key to looking good does not live in your make-up bag.  The truth is, if you feel your best on the inside, you’ll look your best on the outside.  My best beauty plan is to get lots of sleep, keep my diet full of raw foods, stay hydrated, consume lots of healthy fats (I love you, avocados) and move as much as I can all day. And when that fails…mascara and lip gloss. 😉


Stay tuned for Jenn’s tips next week!




Charles Clay from the Buffalo Bills Tries Pilates at Long + Lean!

Charles ClayMore and more professional athletes are trying, and discovering the benefits of, Pilates. Charles Clay, tight end for our Buffalo Bills, wanted to see for himself what Pilates can do for football players so he stopped in to Long + Lean! Charles was a great student, and definitely felt how great Pilates is for athletes. His soreness from game day was gone at the end of the session in which he worked on breath, coordination, balance and stretched and strengthened muscles that will help prevent injuries and improve his performance on the field. Watch the video here to see how Charles did at his very first Pilates session at Long + Lean Pilates!