Here’s What You Can Gain from a Private Session

Long + Lean Pilates Private SessionsWith only a week left for our Fall special, we want to share what you can gain from a private session with one of our Long + Lean instructors.

During a private session, you will have the luxury to work on the additional Pilates Apparatus that we don’t work on in class.

The Chair is considered to be the most challenging piece of Pilates equipment. Most of the repertoire on the chair is geared towards strengthening the legs and shoulders. The Chair is great for runners, golfers, tennis players, skiers, and any clients that use Pilates to cross train for their sport. It also challenges balance and core, which are elements everyone needs to work on.

The Trapeze Table, or Cadillac, is another great tool used for private sessions. The Cadillac offers exercises for all ages and abilities from assisted sit-ups to advanced acrobatics. We can also use the Cadillac to break down any of the Mat exercises (hello, Rollups) you see in class.

Pilates is very intricate. Every exercise you do should be a total body exercise. With a private session, we can take the time to break down the group class repertoire that challenges you and ensure you are getting the full benefit of each exercise.

Everyone’s bodies are different. Have you ever come to class and one part of your body is just so stiff? You hope you can stretch it out in class, and although you do, you just want a little bit more attention to one specific area? You can use your private sessions to stretch a little longer, and a little deeper, trying different stretches on the other Pilates Equipment. Your private session will be tailored specifically to your needs. One thing as humans we don’t do enough is listening to our bodies! Take the time indulge in a stretch, perfect your form, or learn some exercises to do at home, which will only add to the benefits you get from group classes!

Our Fall Special, 5 Group Classes and 5 Private Sessions (30 min.) for $210, is only available through October 31st. Contact us to get in on this deal!!


Fall Special!


You asked for it so here it is! Our Fall Special is a new hybrid package that includes 5 half hour Private Sessions and 5 Small Group Classes for just $210. Take some time for you this season and enjoy the extra attention and personalized workouts that come with one-on-one Pilates Sessions. This hybrid package is perfect for anyone taking Group Classes who would like a breakdown of group class repertoire, try more advanced work, try the other Pilates equipment, stretch more, or focus on alignment and form. We also encourage new clients to use this package to try all of the Pilates equipment and get experienced with the Pilates repertoire. Taking the time to learn and master the Pilates Principles will help you deepen your body awareness and perfect your form so you can get even more out of your Group Class practice! The Fall Hybrid Package is a limited time offer available for purchase in-studio only from through Oct 31st.


Check In Challenge!

You love Reformer Classes, now spread the word about them with the Long + Lean Check In Challenge! Throughout the month of October we challenge you to check in whenever you come to class at Long + Lean. Every time you check into the studio on Facebook, show your instructor to be entered into a drawing to win a Long + Lean Prize Pack! The Prize Pack includes a new L+L t-shirt or tank, a pair of grip socks & a resistance band! Contest runs through October 31st  and is valid for both locations.

There is no limit to the number of entries you can get so check in as often as you’d like! To check in, simply pull up your Facebook Timeline, look to the status bar, and click “Check in”. From there, search for Long + Lean Pilates and select the studio. A simple check in will do, though we encourage you to caption your session just for fun! So, get checking in. And don’t forget to show your instructor when you check in!check-in-challenge-fw