100+ Pilates Class Superstar: Patty

Ever since we started offering Small Group Reformer Classes we have been so blown away by the commitment and progress that our amazing clients have been making! Its time to take a moment and recognize the dedicated clients who have taken 100 (or more classes) and have been kicking their goals’ butts!

Our first 100+ Class Superstar is Patty!  Patty has completed almost 150 classes in just the past 6 months, taking 5 classes almost every week! We love having Patty’s super positive and fun spirit at the studio!  Find out a little bit more about Patty and why she loves Pilates below.

What do you love about Pilates?
I love Pilates because it is a whole body workout with every class being unique and different. Jumpboard classes offer more of a cardio workout without adding unnecessary stress to your body. All the instructors have their own individual style which keeps each class original.


What motivates you to work out?
Believe it or not, I would prefer not to work out, but I love how I feel after each class and I am motivated to stay healthy through exercise. Pilates has introduced a way for me to do this in a fun way.


What changes have you noticed since starting Pilates?
Since I started Pilates a few months ago, I’ve noticed my clothing is looser and not so tight fitting in some areas and my body has definitely become more tone. I also feel my posture has improved since I started Pilates.


Other than Pilates, how do you like to stay active?
Being a mother of three and working full time keeps my schedule pretty busy, but I also enjoy skiing in the winter and walking outdoors in the warmer months.

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