Team Long + Lean: Get to Know Jenn

Jenn is an OG Long + Lean Pilates instructor who has been with us since day one at the Elmwood studio! If you have had the opportunity to work with Jenn, you know she is an amazing instructor who is pursuing her doctorate in Physical Therapy! Here’s your chance to learn more about Jenn.

What brought you to Buffalo?
I moved to Buffalo from home (Schenectady) just about 6 years ago in order to start my undergrad studies in Exercise Science. As soon as I moved here I felt an immediate love for the city and it’s people. Buffalo had just started expanding in big ways and I was loving the community support. I hung around Buffalo after graduation, applying to Physical Therapy schools, eventually enrolling in D’Youville’s DPT program.

What inspired you to start teaching Pilates?
Actually, my last semester of my undergraduate career I had the opportunity to pick almost any location within the health and wellness field to do a full time internship. I knew I wanted to eventually go into Physical Therapy but wanted to have fun with it my last semester. So, I ended up having the great pleasure of working with Dane Burke (previous owner of Northstar Pilates). Dane is a Physical Therapist, Pilates instructor and a huge anatomy geek. He mentored me and opened my eyes to the amazing world of Pilates, helping me get certified in Mat Pilates. I was officially obsessed with Pilates and how it can be a rehab tool, a strength and conditioning tool or flexibility and balance tool for anyone of all ages and conditions. For the next two years I spent well over 500 hours (and a whole lot of money) gaining my comprehensive certification.

What’s your favorite activity outside of the Pilates studio?
Anything to get outdoors and in nature! Summer is my preferred season but with the winter weather coming up, my favorites will be getting out to Ellicottville to go snowboarding and snow shoeing. With the snow coming and having to stay indoors more often, crafting is a big pleasure of mine, too. Crafting anything from knitting scarfs, to making my own lotions and chapsticks, to building furniture.

Best thing about living in Buffalo?
I live on the West side and everything is in walking distance! If I do drive, anything I would need or want to go to is within a 20 minute drive (even Canada)! Everyone is very friendly, neighborly and seems to be heavily involved in the community and making Buffalo a better place.
Everyone and every place I have crossed paths with thus far has made Buffalo feel just like home. <3

What is your favorite act of self-care?
It’s hard to remember how important self-care is especially trying to balance work, grad school and personal life. Taking a spinning class, yoga class, working out or simply meditating helps tremendously to clear my head from a hectic week. One of my all-time favorite things to do to unwind is taking a warm bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book!

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