• About Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a systematic approach to developing balanced strength and flexibility throughout the body and improving overall health through concentrated focus on breath and the precise execution of each exercise. Pilates includes exercises for every part of the body, addressing both large and small muscle groups, to prepare it for efficient performance of both daily activities and athletic endeavors. Pilates develops the body uniformly and builds dynamic strength in the “powerhouse” or core that we hear so much about.

The Pilates equipment may look a little intimidating, but it is a truly remarkable system that provides amazing workouts for all fitness levels. The beauty of the Pilates equipment is in its spring system that provides resistance throughout the entire exercise. The spring resistance system forces the muscles to work both concentrically and eccentrically, providing that signature Long + Lean Pilates physique!

Pilates exercises are always performed with attention to proper form. The concentration on correct placement ensures you are utilizing the right muscles and develops balanced strength and flexibility throughout your entire body. By targeting your smaller, deeper, and often under-utilized muscles, Pilates provides a toning and slimming effect like no other method. The Pilates system is rooted in mind/body principles increasing not only the agility of your body, but of your mind as well. With focus on breath, control, and fluidity, you will leave each session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated (not to mention strong and full of grace)! Best of all, since the exercises are low impact and easily modified, Pilates truly can be done by people of all ages and fitness levels.

The benefits of Pilates are plentiful and include improved posture, ease of movement in the joints, injury prevention and rehabilitation, increased strength and flexibility, reduced stress, enhanced body awareness, improved focus, relief of aches and pains and, of course, a super strong core.

Pilates at Long + Lean

Pilates at Long + Lean is all about you! Your practice with Long + Lean begins with an analysis of your alignment, physical health, and goals.  Your workouts are then tailored specifically to you and your objectives. As you continue with your practice, your instructor will check on how you are progressing and modify your sessions according to your evolving needs. Long + Lean Pilates workouts are rooted in the Pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates but  take a contemporary approach that addresses the common ailments and postural imbalances that come with our modern, tech based lifestyle. Workouts at Long + Lean also incorporate therapeutic exercises, strength training, Yoga, and release techniques.  The team at Long + Lean works together to make sure you get the very most from each and every one of your visits.

Have  questions about Pilates and if its right for you? Please feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear from you!