Summer Announcements

This summer brings free classes, new regular class times, a new apparel line, and more to Long + Lean. Read ahead to get all the details on summer happenings at L + L!
Free Class with Long + Lean Teacher Trainees
Get excited! We are offering free, yes FREE, Reformer classes with the Long + Lean Method Teacher Trainees on July 1st and July 8th at our Elmwood Village location. This is an amazing opportunity to take advantage of free classes while our newly trained instructors perfect their teaching skills. Spots are going fast for these classes so sign up now!


New Classes on the Schedule
Looking to add more Pilates classes to your schedule? We’ve got some awesome new class times available now! At Long + Lean Elmwood, check out the Reformer+ Classes Mondays at 8:30 AM and Wednesdays at 10:00 AM. At Long + Lean at Hive, try the new Thursday classes, Jumpboard at 9:00 AM and Reformer+ at 4:30 PM.


July 4th Holiday Hours
Long + Lean Elmwood and Long + Lean at Hive will be closed on Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th to give our team a much deserved summer break! Classes will go on as normal July 1st and 2nd and will resume on Wednesday July 5th. We hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday!


Brand New Apparel
We are so excited to introduce Nux Activewear in the Long + Lean Boutique! There are three new styles of leggings and capris and two new tops perfect for your summer workout wardrobe. Come on in to shop the boutique!


100+ Pilates Class Super Star: Molly

Next time you see Molly at the studio, go ahead and give her a high five because she has far exceed 100 classes at Long + Lean Pilates! Between private sessions and group classes, Molly does a great job making sure she always gets a new challenge. Molly has been coming to Long + Lean Pilates before we were even in our current location! Thank you for your dedication, Molly. You rock!

What do you love about Pilates?
Since I’ve started Pilates I feel stronger and longer and definitely more flexible.  It has become like an addiction to me.  I wish that I had time every day to come to class.

What motivates you to workout?
What motivates me is the fact that my body feels instantly better after every class.  I am stretched and ready to tackle the rest of what the day may bring.  I am more relaxed and feel more centered in both mind and body.

What changes have you noticed since starting Pilates?
My body is toned and I have discovered muscles that I didn’t realize I had.  My body has become more of a source of pride rather than something to hide.  If I go even a week without Pilates I can instantly see and feel that my body is suffering. Pilates is now officially a part of who I am and what I love. My dog walks get longer and  faster after every Pilates class. Not only does that benefit me but it benefits my dog, Winnie, as well.

Other than Pilates, how do you like to stay active?
Being a mom of two young kids, Pilates has helped me to stay very active and to truly be a hands on mom.  Whether its playing soccer at the park with my family, doing Girls on the Run with my daughter or hockey in the house with my son…I am energized, fit and ready to roll.

100+ Pilates Class Super Star: Allyson

We want to give a shout out to our awesome client Allyson for reaching the 100+ class mark! Allyson has been taking group Reformer classes 3-4 times per week for a year and she has the results to show for it! Read on to find out why Allyson loves Pilates…

What do you love about Pilates?
I love Pilates because since I have started taking classes I do not only feel better physically but also mentally.  I find that after a class at Long and Lean, I am less tense throughout the day and I sleep better.  At Pilates, I also receive a total body workout- some days reaching muscles I did not even know I had. The personal attention from the instructors is unmatched and every workout is different and challenging.


What motivates you to workout?
Unfortunately, I have never been a fan working out.  Pilates is the first workout that I absolutely hate to miss.  The workouts challenge me, while at the same time give me a sense of accomplishment and make me feel better about myself.


What changes have you noticed since starting Pilates?
Since starting Pilates I feel more toned.  My balance and posture have improved and I find myself correcting how I sit or stand to improve my alignment.


Other than Pilates, how do you like to stay active?
As a full-time, working mom I hardly sit still. I do enjoy walking once the weather breaks in Buffalo.  Pilates is an amazing workout that compliments any other activities that you may already be doing.



Alignment Socks now Available!

Foot alignment socks
Foot alignment socks

Available in gray in the L + L Boutique.

We are so excited to add the “My Happy Feet” Foot Alignment Socks to the Long + Lean Boutique!!  These socks are the answer to all of your foot pain and alignment issues and will help everyone prevent future issues.

We spend most of our time every day in shoes that are too narrow for our toes. On top of that, common misalignments, like shifting your weight forward of your hips, can put more stress on your toes than is supposed to be there (has your Pilates teacher said ‘back your hips up’ to you lately!?) Because of this, and the under use of the intrinsic muscles of our feet, many people suffer from bunions, poor circulation, hammer toes, and chronic foot pain. Believe it or not, bunions and other foot alignment issues are not inevitable, even if they “run” in your family. There are steps you can take to prevent and alleviate these issues, and Foot Alignment Socks are at the top of the list.

Wanna check out the health of your feet and toes?  Take your shoes and socks off and see if you can separate your toes. Seems easy, right? But for most of us, its actually quite difficult! Wearing Foot Alignment Socks while lounging around at home or sleeping will help stretch the tight muscles around the toes and restore your ability to move your toes and wake up the under used muscles in your foot.

Here are the many benefits of using Foot Alignment Socks:

  • Improved circulation
  • Correct alignment of the toes
  • Foot pain alleviation
  • Prevention of bunions and hammer toes
  • Plantar fasciitis relief
  • Better use of the muscles in the foot
  • Minimization of foot cramps

The socks are available in small, medium, and large in the Long + Lean boutique for $19.95. Give them a try; they are a perfect compliment to the alignment and flexibility work you do in Pilates!



100+ Class Superstar: Susanna

Long + Lean Pilates Class StarSusanna has been taking class at Long + Lean since before we even had Reformer classes!  This busy lady does Pilates six days a week, mixing in private sessions and duets with her regular classes. Susanna is a 100+ Class Superstar more than two times over, with over 200 classes, and she has the results to show for it! We love having Susanna at the studio for a lot of reasons, but we especially the fun, bright outfits she always wears!! Read more