• Small Group Classes

Pilates Workout In A Fun Group Setting

Our Small Group Classes are an amazing way to get the benefits of a Pilates Workout in a fun group setting. Our Reformer+ Classes take place on the Pilates Reformer and incorporate Pilates Mat exercises + more. Looking for a cardio workout? Try our high intensity Jumpboard Classes that combine our Pilates Reformer workouts with low impact jumping to get your heart rate up!

Classes are all mixed level and the Long + Lean instructors help students modify exercises as needed. With only 4 people in each class, everyone receives personalized attention.

All Long + Lean Classes are based in the fun and challenging Pilates repertoire while also incorporating stretches and corrective exercises to address alignment issues that arise from our sedentary lifestyles. You can expect a challenging workout that works every muscle in the body and leaves you feeling long, lean, tall, well!


Use the schedule below to reserve a spot in any upcoming class! Please note you must sign up for Reformer Classes at least 1 hour before the class.

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