100+ Pilates Class Super Star: Allyson

We want to give a shout out to our awesome client Allyson for reaching the 100+ class mark! Allyson has been taking group Reformer classes 3-4 times per week for a year and she has the results to show for it! Read on to find out why Allyson loves Pilates…

What do you love about Pilates?
I love Pilates because since I have started taking classes I do not only feel better physically but also mentally.  I find that after a class at Long and Lean, I am less tense throughout the day and I sleep better.  At Pilates, I also receive a total body workout- some days reaching muscles I did not even know I had. The personal attention from the instructors is unmatched and every workout is different and challenging.


What motivates you to workout?
Unfortunately, I have never been a fan working out.  Pilates is the first workout that I absolutely hate to miss.  The workouts challenge me, while at the same time give me a sense of accomplishment and make me feel better about myself.


What changes have you noticed since starting Pilates?
Since starting Pilates I feel more toned.  My balance and posture have improved and I find myself correcting how I sit or stand to improve my alignment.


Other than Pilates, how do you like to stay active?
As a full-time, working mom I hardly sit still. I do enjoy walking once the weather breaks in Buffalo.  Pilates is an amazing workout that compliments any other activities that you may already be doing.


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  1. Anne Kieffer
    Anne Kieffer says:

    Very proud and happy for you. You are a wonderful Wife, Mother and my very special daughter! You go girl!❤️


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